Okie dokie, signed up for a second life account. I am now "qDot Bunnyhug", for all those playing.

And no, The Woman had no say in that name. Bunnyhug is just too fucking awesome NOT to have as a name.

Ok, I already bought mine, so now I can tell other people.

ROBOT LAMP! (If this link doesn't take you there, go to lowes.com and search for Robot Lamp)

They have them at Lowes for $29! It's SO CUTE! OMG! It's friends with my Robosapien now! YAY!

Yay! Academic legitimacy is mine! ALL MINE!

I got a paper on Lunar Rover Telecommunication published at iSAIRAS, and a paper on the XBC (the XBC is the gameboy robot we'll soon be selling at KIPR) published at IROS!


I think this may very well drive my Erdos number under infinity!